The Local är en internetbaserad, engelskspråkig nyhetspublikation etablerad i nio europeiska länder: Sverige, Tyskland, Frankrike, Spanien, Schweiz, Norge, Danmark, Österrike och Italien. Sidorna har samma grafiska utseende, men produceras av separata redaktioner, fokuserade på respektive land. Innehållet innefattar. Sweden-based readers have probably heard the saying "det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder" (there's no bad weather, only bad clothes) approximately ,, times. But there are plenty of other weather phrases in the Swedish language that describe all situations from strandväder (beach. live to getting around the city and even making friends, this list is for those of you who still might not know your Å from your Ä. Making life in Stockholm easier: The Local's A-Ö guide. If you're moving or recently moved to Stockholm you might be feeling a bit lost (that's also probably a huge understatement).

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